How you can find a real job ad from a list of jobs (Part one)?

Do not waste your time with a fake job ad?

Part one

A lot of us have the experience of applying for a job that has nothing in return. In this article, I try to explain the reason for that I give some practical information to evaluate the job ads, get a good result, and stop wasting your time and energy on the fake job ads. Let's review a process for an ordinary job ad that we are used to seeing on job searching websites. If you read some and perform this fact, Of course maybe you think if I do like this they will never hire me or even some of them become angry on and of you, But personly I have done that and I have seen the great result (the time of master and slave is passed).


  • First fact that you should consider that is you are looking for an employer and the employer is looking for the best candidate.

  • If you see you have the appropriate potential for the job, generally speaking, you can be the best option for the employer's needs.

  • It is an even balanced scale.

  • you know your worth for them and should respect your qualification and yourself.

  • Never think that there is a lot of person with my profile, Because if it was so, there was no job ad and the employer could hire someone just with a phone call and there was no reason for advertising the job.

  • Be self-confident for the job without the negative thinking of there are a lot of people with my profile and if I do not accept the situation of the job interview they will hire someone else.

  • Never accept an onsite interview. Thank technology, nowadays there are a lot of online meeting apps such as MS teams, Google meets, Whatsapp and so on, that can make an online meeting. So the employer can evaluate your competency and even you can share with the your photos or your similar projects that you have done before.

  • For an onsite interview, you will waste one day of your time. Going and returning to the site not only cost the transfer costs, but also regardless of the result, for a day, your mind is busy the what could I do to show up better, why I told that subject, and so on.

  • Never accept talking with human resources. Tell the employer first I should talk to my direct boss or coordinator and if he/she finds me an appropriate peach of the puzzle according to my competencies, then I just talk to the human resources about my salary and the other work situation. Because if your direct manager finds you a good worker, he/she will convince human-resource to hire you.

  • The human resources of a company are almost nosy and they would like to put their nose in your personal life and your past works.

  • Never accept to have a meeting with more than one person, because you will miss your focus when you bombard with different and sometimes irrelevant questions.

  • If an employer is really looking for the best candidate, and if they are honest can open time for different meetings with different people.

  • Tell them that you are ready for as many as the meetings that they want, but one by one.

  • At the first of the online meeting keep silent and make their job ad ready to control, because most of the time they change their mind and ask for some important things that you see it is not written in their job ads. such as extra language or fluent speaking of a specific language, unlike their job ad, is written moderate.

  • Mention all contradictions between the job ad and the new discussion. Another meaning of talking about a new situation is we do not need you. do not waste your time.

  • Never ask for feedback of no answer. Almost the answer is completely bull shit and against your personality. They are not phycologists to understand and give a piece of advice.

  • At the first of the meeting ask them to not interrupt you during the meeting. because you will miss your concentration.

  • At the first of the meeting mention that you will not answer any method nor coefficient or difference between special things. Either you do not know that subject or some of them are the results of the years of your knowledge or your experiences, even if it was a simple question about the ratio of a mix of water and soap.

  • Onsite meeting should be just for signing the contract that is emailed to you before. Employer and employee can refuse to sign contract at any time without any legal subsequences.

  • Do not let them keep the contract with any excuses for example our manager is not heard and so on. They can invite you to sign a contract and last physical check for your disability while the responsible person for signing is present.

this article is getting much more than I expected and here you can see the technics for finding practical methods to understand which job ad is real and which is fake.