Real job ad 2

How you can find a real job ad from a list of jobs (Part two)?

Do not waste your time with a fake job ad?

Part two

In part one I told some important notes about how you can have a good interview provided by our dignity and respect. you can find the earlier notes here.

In this part, I try to show how many percent of a job ad is credible. I designed a real scenario to follow step by step.


  • In every country, there are some job search engines that all job office, when they look for a candidate put their ads on that.

Bellow, you can find one of them that I reached for a PLC programmer at a distance of 30 kilometers from where I used to live.

job1-1, hadicodes job1-1

  • The first important item is that never apply for a job that sorts the jobs not according to time.

    • Never apply for a job that the older than one month
      • Normally the employer who is looking for a worker they organize that according to a need.
      • This need can either be because of free place or the expand their services.
        • The free place is when an employer fires someone or leaving of someone. Therefore because it is a current lack, then they should fill out this gap as soon as they can. If they can not find their appropriate worker it has two meanings. Either they have forgotten to remove the job ad or they are so tough that you have zero chance to convince them.
        • If they are just looking for a good candidate for expanding their services, because they are not assured which candidate is suitable for them, again your chance is zero
        • There is a 3rd possibility. The employer is just curious and researching about the labor market and it is also totally time-wasting for being their guinea pigs.
  • Back to the verification of the job ad.

    • sometimes job ads do not contain a registration date or it is added by a work agency and therefore you do not have any trace of the employer.
      • if it is added by the work agency try to find the page of the job ad on their website with help of google or ask the work agency for the link to the job.
      • if the work agency denied giving the link of the job or told us we want also for the other similar job, immediately hang up (respectfully) the phone and conversation. Because either the job opportunity is not anymore, either they want your information just for enrichment of their database for possible future needs. In both situations, you are wasting your time.
      • If they sent the job link here some technical verification starts. Firstly ask for some information about the job and some information about the propagation of the job.
      • There are some websites on the internet that archive all website pages. The most famous is You can see the appearance of it here.

click hear to see the

archiveorg1, hadicodes archiveorg1

  • Copy and paste the job link inside and if there is the same page and marked one month ago, do not waste your time because of the reasons mentioned above.

you can see an example

Orginal job URL in for 12 April 2022

auto, hadicodes archiveorg1

current job ad

auto, hadicodes archiveorg1

with comparing tow photos you can see 4 similar jobs exists for more than 4 months. What excuse can be?

  • afterward check the main URL of the wok agency. If there was no archived page, be assured this website does not have any sitemap.xml or the owner of the website has asked to stop archiving if it is a place of question. But normally just the security specialist knows about this information and even normal web developers do not know how they can use this information.
  • if everything was right and the job link exists then apply for the job.
  • Next step is receiving an invitation for an interview sometime from a job agency or sometimes from the employer.
    • either from job agency or employer never answer the irrelevant questions. Just concentrate on the job situation.
    • Never answer deep technical questions. Because some of them are the result of long years experience of you and just one of your answers can solve the problem of the employer. Forget Not that your boss is responsible for you and he can do your job of course. Therefore if you answer his deep technical question, their problem will be solved and the work will be discarded.
    • Never be fooled by this sentence "We need this information because we have a lot of similar work and maybe you are appropriate for another similar job".
    • If you were asked for the reason for leaving your last job just answer "it is not subjective" and you can refer them to this article if you want. unlike you think it can have a negative effect on your interview, But it has a great positive effect, because firstly during the interview they can have an assessment from your personality. Secondly, the ability of your work should be important and the rest is absolutely irrelevant. Thirdly people used to assess you in the first 30 to 45 first seconds and you have 2 minutes to change their opinion. Therefore during the first 2 minutes, the decision is made and if they chose you therefore this kind of question will not be asked.