Meet Had Codes 2.0
This is me. Hadi (6cm x 4cm passport photo)

Web disign

If you know the AMP websites you have understood that is an AMP version and this is the best method for mobiles according to google guide link. You can find it below.

Understand how AMP looks in search results.

click to see the normal web app hear.

Web Development

Just look at the speed of the loading this website. Go to the website below and see the result of this web app with others.

check the result of the ranking.


If you would like to set your server for backend or for other reasons such as ip telephone you can count on me from A to Z. It is not only about the server but also about the configuration of internal network and industrial ethernet and PLC.

more information you can find hear.


security is the most important things for web sites and webshops. Moreover of full check of my products I can also help you to secure your web app and if you find your hacker. If you want to check the sequrity of your web app it is possible aswell.


nowadays website without good look and light codes should also have beautiful photos and cut some animated info for introduction of the products and methods for registration , etc. Think big!

Graphic Design

Main part of every web app is the photo and graphic of it. With Adobe family and similar softwares, you can make an clear vision of your products or services.

Some costumer reviews

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

do not forget that if you can see this page it means this page has good seo. If you want to be seen your website should have a good seo and come at leaset in the first page of google. It is famous that if you want to keep a scret put it on the second Google sercheaning.